Author: Dale Ibitz

Fire:blood 2x3Name of Book: Fire in the Blood (Last Moon Rising #1)


When 17 year-old Haley tumbles to a parallel world, she discovers that Earth’s global warming stems from a war between the gods of nature. Because her necklace holds the power of the Air god, Haley is called upon to stop the war.

But Haley  has two problems: Tuggin and Ian.

Both lie to her. Both have secrets. And neither are who they say they are. She needs to make a choice that will decide the fate of all the worlds. But who should she trust, who should she fight, and who is the one with fire in his blood, bent on betraying them all?


I couldn’t sleep, though I’d been pretending for at least an hour. I thought Tuggin was asleep; his chest rose in an easy rhythm, with his hands folded on his stomach. Where was his knife? I couldn’t see it, but my guess was that he kept it close by.

I rolled up my blanket and tied it to my pack. I’d gone to bed with my shoes on so that I could jet at a second’s notice. I tip-toed toward the woods. I’d reached the edge of the clearing when Tuggin spoke.

“Going somewhere?”

I froze for a nano-second, then dropped my backpack and bolted. Branches slashed my face. I stumbled over rocks, but I sped on. Tuggin tackled me, slamming me to the ground.

“Let me go!” I shouted.

He flipped me over, crushing me with his weight, compressing my lungs with his forearm so that I couldn’t grab air.

“Let go!”

I tried to kick him, but he pinned my legs with his own. I sucked in a breath, the strength radiating from his body doing more to crush my resistance than fear. His knife flashed so close to my face the chill of steel paralyzed me.

“I warned you,” he said.


I was born in Oxford, Connecticut, grew up in the state of Washington, and then re-located back to Connecticut. A lover of books, I spent much of my childhood reading, visiting the library (my best friend’s mother was a librarian), and writing. I studied English at Central Connecticut State University.

Sefl-published, cover art by Dreamstime

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Authors: Bil Franks and Bon Franks

childrenofthedust233x500Name of Book: Children of the Dust

Note: This is the third of four sagas in the series called “The Twilight of Magic.” The series stars a  young hellion named Caylith. Her BFF Brindl, along with several other friends, have managed to survive in spite of an elderly aunt (in Running Over Rainbows) and a conniving enemy (in Hidden by the Rose). In this book, the perils increase as she grows older and acquires not more magical power, but more powerful friends..


Can a sixteen-year-old  girl, not tall at all, become the Deliverer of Faerie and even save Britannia from the coming barbarian invasions? Her friends think so, as they join her in the vast underground network built by the ageless dwarves. Adventures include a trip to the Land of the Standng Stones,where they meet king Uthor DragonsTongue; a return to the famous Saxon Shore, where they find all is coming apart with the Saxon takeover of the Tower of Ravenscar; and back to Faerie, now being consumed by an evil mist, where  her grandfather is now dying.


The crack grew wider and wider, and I pushed my hands at both ends. It opened like a gaping mouth. All was blackness inside.

And then it moved!

I was so frightened and awed that my heart clapped like a resounding bell. I opened my eyes. The rock was fully three paces from where it had been, and in its place was a hole about the same width.

I jumped back. “Oh, Jay, look what happened! The rock moved!”

He sat as still as before, but his head was thrown back and he was smiling as though the heavens were raining manna.

I felt both exuberant and exhausted. What did all this mean? I opened my mouth to speak, but suddenly a head appeared in the recently exposed hole. A little body, then the whole person popped out. Another dwarf! He jumped from the hole, followed by another, and another. Before I could keep track, the forest clearing was full of dwarves, all joining hands and singing lustily.

A maiden fair will move the stone,

Straighten out the crooked bone.

Tiny giant all alone,

She will show us our new home.



Publisher:  MuseItUp Publishing

Cover artist: Marion Sipe

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