April 1, 2013.

By now, you’ve seen the covers of our first two sagas  . . .
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What’s next?

So far, Caylith has visited her elderly aunt in Lindum (modern Lincoln), and that story was told in Running Over Rainbows. She’s gone back home to Deva Victrix (modern Liverpool) in the next book, Hidden by the Rose, where she is shocked to find her ancestral villa destroyed and her mother dead or missing. That book tells how she came to be in a parallel world called Faerie, and how she managed to bring retribution upon some very evil people.

What does the future hold for this daring heroine, who is growing up faster the longer she lives in a make-believe world?

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Find out how the fabled Horse of Uffington figures in our adventures.

Children of the Dust releases in May. This saga finds Caylith flummoxed to be named the Deliverer of the denizens of Faerie and Britannia too. It must be true—after all, it was foretold in the ancient oracles. In the wake of a deadly mist that has begun to consume Faerie, and an even deadlier threat of invasion of Britannia by barbarians, Caylith and her friends find a solution that will bring them at last to a “promised land,” the island of Éire.

The final saga in the series is titled Where Wild Ponies Ran and will debut in July. At last, after risking her very short self, Caylith is able to lead the folks of Faerie and convince some in Britannia to forsake their homes for the mysterious isle of Éire, where her friend Father Patrick has been sent to spread the godspels to the pagans of that dangerous place. After some harrowing adventures—and a few touches of sweet romance—Caylith is able at last to claim a new homeland in a world left after the crumbling of magic . . . the new dawn of St. Patrick’s Ireland.palomino 220

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You’ll find out how St. Patrick himself came to ride in a ship exactly like this, and how the currach came to be a kind of latter-day ark for the survivors of Faerie.