snow uDoes magic begin when Caylith goes to visit her remarkable Aunt Marrie and finds a real-life unicorn? Or when she meets her mysterious Grandfather? Or was it there all along, in her love for road lilies and other growing things? Caylilth and her friends discover magic, but then they must confront its end, too. With the land of Faerie disappearing, they face the end of the Roman world in Britannia and the dawn of a new age in Ireland.

Bil and Bon Franks invite you  to enter the world of The Twilight of Magic saga . . . starting with the first book, Running Over Rainbows, set in ancient Britannia. Next comes Hidden by the Rose and Children of the Dust.The sweeping saga ends in the new land of Éire, Where Wild Ponies Ran.

Watch this post for more news as the publishing dates draw closer. Later, we will  invite authors of ‘tween-to- adult books to talk about their work. Look for your chance to acquire a free copy of The Caylith Songbook, a collection of lyrics that are sung throughout the sagas by various characters.

                            In The Twilight of Magic saga, you will meet some unforgettable creatures and see some sights rarely seen by others. You  will learn the rudiments of Owl Sight and of Walking Between Worlds. You will meet NimbleFoot the mountain pony, the Swans of Ravenscar, and the patriarch of the dwarf clans, Jay Feather himself. You will experience the thrill of seing the High King make a historical pronouncement near the famous Stone of Destiny that stands proudly on the sared Hill of Tara.

Please go to “About the Twilight of Magic Saga” at the top of this page to learn a bit more about each of these entertaining books…. Thanks, Bil and Bon Franks

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NimbleFoot…Caylith’s beloved companion. Not even by magic, he follows her from the west coast of Britannia all the way across the Sea of Éire to the emerald island where they both find a home at last.