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The final book in our Twilight of Magic sagas finds Caylith a very attractive 17-year-old, just beginning to feel drawn to young men, barely beginning to understand her own complex emotions.

The mission: to gather emigrants—the folks of Faerie and her old homeland Britannia—and bring them to the safety of Ireland, to the powerful influence of Bishop Patrick. Caylith, even as a much younger and more naive girl, has promised herself that she will follow the charismatic Patrick wherever he points his sandals.

The reader follows Caylith during her last days in Faerie and Britannia, as she develops a deeper relationship with three men she’s known for a while:  Kevan, the handsome elf who once served as a Faerie marine and escort . . .  Wynn, the exciting young pony trainer who has brought forty Welsh mountain ponies from the west coast, planning to transport them somehow to Ireland . . . and Andreas, the library scribe who has devoted his life to saving the scrolls of antiquity.faerie warrior bow 150

trainerAll three men pursue her, and by the time she leaves at last for Ireland, she is more confused than ever. Each man has his own complex motivations, his own way of winning (or losing) Caylith’s heart.

Once in the “promised land,” reunited with her former small-church priest Patrick, she finds one more reason to be confused. It comes in the person of mysterious Liam, an Irish clansman who does not speak her language, but who is adept in the language of love.

Lest you think the book is only about adolescent infatuations, let me say here that the novel really centers on Caylith’s ingrained dedication to being a savior. In this book, after “saving” the immigrants, she sets herself up as the deliverer of a woman held in slavery. And in order to free her she must contend with a blunt and traitorous clansman, Fergus MacCool; and one whom she sees as a murderer and slave-holder, Owen Sweeney.

Caylith undertakes a daring rescue mission. And when she returns, she faces the High King of Ireland, who decides her fate and that of all the immigrants.

Caylith and her friends run from adventure to peril, to the exuberance of camán, the Irish ancestor of field hockey, and to the dangerous sport of shillelagh fighting. And oh, yes . . . To the awakening of love in the heart of a very spirited young woman,who follows the dangerous path “where wild ponies ran.”

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