Those words open our third in the Twilight of Magic saga.

As you can well imagine, the “dust” of this book is very special. It’s not really dust, but a whirling, pirouetting, gem-like substance that permeates the underground world of the dwarves. The dwarf dust proves to be the magical means for Caylith and her friends to travel through the honeycombed network under the soil of both Faerie and Britannia to save both lands from destruction.

The book begins with Caylith hearing a bell-like voice urging her to follow. And when she does, she meets a most astonishing clan of dwarves, headed by Jay Feather, who greet her as their deliverer.

Caylith finds, much to her distreess and outright annoyance, that the oracles have decreeed it:  She will save both Faerie and Britannia, and through her efforts will the sacred scrolls of mankind be saved from the coming barbarian invasions.

Kind of a heavy load for a 16-year-old, hardly hatched, don’t you think?

Children of the Dust follows Caylith and five trusted associates: her new friend Jay Feather, her trainer Gristle, her BFF Brindl, the gnome Thom, and last (Caylith thinks “and least”) the too-tall scribe Andreas.

Follow these adventurers from the area of Deva, the old Roman fort that ruled the western part of Britannia; to the middle kingdom near the plain of the Standing Stones; and finally to the great Saxon Shore, the long eastern coastline of Britannia open to savage attack from invaders.

When Caylith finally returns to Faerie, she finds that a ghastly mist has begun to eat away at her former sanctuary. Even her beloved grandfather is falling in a kind of “twilight of magic.” At last, she alone must confront an evil that no one—much less a not-tall young girl—can resist, an evil that threatens not just her loved ones and herself, but the world as she knows it.

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Cover © by magical artist Marion Sipe