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Caylith speaks these words to her grandfather, who is teaching her the lore of plant  magic. Yet she cannot  imagine how  such an innocent statement will come to bear upon her life.

Caylith, along with her BFF Brindl and her armsman Fletcher, return from a six-month trip as told in the previous book RUNNING OVER RAINBOWS.

But coming home turns out to be a poignant, bitter experience. Caylith, just turned 16, finds that her ancestral home has been torched to the ground and that her mother is gone, either dead or kidnapped by a band of freebooters from far-off Hibernia.

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This rendering of a Roman villa is based on those found in ancient Britannia, around the time of Caylith and her friends. Here is where Cay and Brindl grew up, not too far from Deva Victrix, modern Liverpool.

After meeting and befriending a young-ish priest named Patrick, Caylith and her friends are on the run, escaping the reach of an evil man. They find themselves in the one place  where no enemy can penetrate—the land of Faerie, a place that she had always thought existed only in dreams and fairy tales.

In Faerie, Caylith meets the remarkable Troll King, who teaches her plant magic . . .

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The troll king is not ugly at all…but he is a mite bigger than his granddaughter Caylith!

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Kevan and Shawn are elfish warriors, dedicated to standing by Caylith and Brindl.

The coxswains Kevan and Shawn, fine-looking elves who are dedicated to being the escorts (in Caylith’s mind, annoying watchdogs) of  Caylith and Brindl . . .

Captain Stout, a gnome who knows the mysterious Walk Between Worlds . . .

BriarThorne, the captain’s wife, who has mastered the ancient art of Owl Sight . . .

Thom Stout, son of the captain and BriarThorne, a darkly handsome young  man who sets his sights on Brindl . . .

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Gristle never lets his trainee Caylith get away with anything. She will use his unsmiling training later to good advantage.

Gristle, tough and hard to swallow, former armsman to the Queen of Elves and self-appointed new trainer for Caylith . . .

Cay and Brindl begin to learn the weapons and tactics that they will bring with them later  to confront their enemies. For Brindl, the weapon is  the Roman spatha, the sword.

For Caylith, much as she hates  it, the weapon turns out  to be just a two-foot stick…and a rose.

With friends both old and  new, Caylith finally returns to her old home to avenge past wrongs. She finds that she herself, even though slightly built and young,  has become a thorn in the side of her enemies. She puts her training to good use  and devises a way to bring down the evil Gregor, a man disguised as a monk; and the Duke of Deva, one whose malevolent plans include the death of Caylith herself.

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The dog rose, Rosa canina, is so-called for a very good reason!

In Hidden by the Rose, you  will find out, along with Caylith, why the rose is both beautiful  and deadly.

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Marvelous Marion Sipe designed this cover, showing Caylith and her favorite rose, the pink-and-white five petalled Dog Rose. The Rosa canina was planted even 1500 years ago, for a very specific purpose beyond its fragile beauty.

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