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Bil and Bon Franks and Muse It Up publishers present the four-book saga THE TWILIGHT OF MAGIC . . . .

runningoverrainbows200x300Running Over Rainbows…This short novel is the prequel to the saga, in which a 15-year-old tomboy and her 60-something aunt learn something important about each other. They also learn whether there is much difference between unicorns and mountain ponies. Now available at MuseItUp, Amazon and all other popular venues. For a five-star review, please see below.

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hiddenbytherose 2x3Hidden by the Rose…In this fantasy adventure, 16-year-old Caylith, a resident of ancient Britannia, flees from her ancestral home with her best friend and her armsman, from the evil designs of the man  who arranged the death of both her parents. She escapes to the mists of Faerie to meet her Troll grandfather. From that magical place, she begins to learn about her own special magic. At last, she and her colorful friends plan and carry out an ingenious way of dealing with their enemies.

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Children of the Dust…How far will Caylith go in delivering the Dwarf clans, the Elves, the residents of Britannia and even the ancient scrolls from destruction? From Faerie to Britannia, Caylith and her friends undergo unusual adventures by following the glittering dwarf dust in a network of tunnels that run throughout Faerie and Britannia. As both Faerie and her remarkable grandfather begin to fade into the mist, Caylith must find a way for hundreds of emigrants to escape Britannia, left open to invasion din the wake of the retreating Roman armies. Available in May 2013.



wildponiesran200x300Where Wild Ponies Ran…Now almost 18, Caylith begins to feel the stirrings of womanhood. She and her pilgrims escape to Éire, home of her old friend Father Patrick, and she becomes the object of several young men’s attentions. More intent on heady adventures than in winning suitors, Caylith leads her friends once again on a path of danger, including the daring rescue of a loved one. Two of her friends become hurling champions of Ireland, and Caylith herself ends up winning a vast new home in the beautiful Emerald Isle. Available in July 2013.

In these stories, Caylith confronts the dwindling

force of magic, symbolized by her wonderful Troll King grandfather. She turns at last to the figure who started a whole new era of enlightenment–the remarkable man who would become St. Patrick.

Bil Franks: I am a retired United States Air Force NCO, whose background is in small arms. My hobbies are martial arts and reading—mostly fantasy. Bon Franks: I was born and raised in Nevada and attended the University of Southern California, where I majored in English and Comparative Lit. I’m interested in herbology/plants/gardening, aside from writing romance novels.

We live in Central Texas with four cats and two Mac computers. More about us later!

Our first two sagas, Running Over Rainbows and Hidden by the Rose, are available widely.

http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00B2PCQPO is our Amazon author page. We want to thank cover artist Marion Sipe for her own brand of magic. You’re the greatest, Marion!

We also gratefully acknowledge the five-star review given to our book by one who rarely deals out the full array of stars. Thank you, Nya Rawlyns, for your wonderful review. We reprint a bit of it below, and the full review can be  found here:


Nya Rawlyns has won several awards for her YA writing, including 2nd Place Stroke of Midnight (Passionate Ink), Novella: Sculpting David (Nya Rawlyns) and 2nd Place Forward national Literature Award, YA, Dragon Academy (Diane Nelson).

Her review reads in part:

Running Over Rainbows is a story about adaptation and change, of yielding without breaking, of the value of spirit and the magic of the untamed. It is both a young girl’s journey toward womanhood and an old woman’s rediscovery of the bonds of family, each perspective handled with deft charm and grace.

This is truly a lovely, captivating tale that will enchant a young reader or a parent, and contains all the elements that should make this an enduring classic.  I, for one, am eagerly looking forward to the continuation of Caylith’s story.

We’re also grateful to “Unicorn Girl” for her warm review of Rainbows, and to Leona Pence for her own great review of Rose . . . both reviews seen on Amazon. We’ll reprint all the reviews later on, right here on our site. So far, we’re batting .1000 and boy are we grateful!